Our Suppliers-Supporting Local Businesses

Supporting  local businesses is something we are proud to do as we think it's important that consumers know they exist.  Small businesses are the engine of the Canadian economy so the more consumers know about the ones that exist in their area, the greater the chance that they will send their dollars their way.

Below is more information on some of the businesses we absolutely love and support:

To Die For Fine Foods:

To Die For Fine Foods (@todieforff and @erinireland) is a plant-based bakery specializing in loaves, breakfast cookies and power balls. Known for their super-moist, sweet and salty banana bread, this passion-driven bakery uses mainly organic ingredients. And you'd never guess their finished products are made without animal products. Find them at quality coffee shops around Vancouver. 



2 Guys With Knives:

We carry different and delicious entrees from 2 Guys With Knives (@2guyswithknives) every week.  Their rotating menu of grab-and-go meals allows everyone to try new creations every week, from gluten-free pasta to risotto.  The food is always delicious and keeps our customers coming back for more!  



Sergio Pereira embarked on his adventure to Canada 11 years ago, a fresh graduate from the culinary institute of Brazil with passion in his blood and only a few words of English in his back pocket. Since his arrival and achievement of Canadian citizenship he has grown from a leader within corporate culinary to a master of nutritional decadence, pairing his fantastic knowledge of world cuisine with Patrick’s healthful twists of fitness nutrition. Sergio’s playful exuberance is sure to ascend your palate to new heights with every chop of his knife!


Patrick Carr is a Canadian fitness mongrel through and through. As a competitive athlete, sport has taken Patrick adventure chasing through Europe, Australia and the Canadian Rockies, landing him in Vancouver in 2010 where he certified with CANFIT-PRO as a personal training specialist, metabolic nutritionist, and obstacle course race guru. Patrick’s functional approach towards movement and body awareness balances sound nutritional components with Sergio’s flavourful twists to meet the needs of all levels of activity.


Hoochy Booch:

Who is Hoochy 'Booch Kombucha?

Made locally in the heart of Vancouver, it is our passion to produce a high-quality & outrageously delicious Kombucha that you feel great about loving! With no short-cuts or funny stuff, we’re here to simplify nutrition, balancing the good stuff with the fun stuff.    

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a delicious, sweet & tart bubbly beverage that's low in sugar & great for your gut. It’s made through the natural process of fermentation; converting tea & sugar into organic acids & enzymes. It’s great as a mid-day pick me, after workout refreshment, as a digestive aid or as a mixer for your cocktails. 





Yoggu Vegan Probiotic Yogurt

Yoggu is dairy-free coconut probiotic yogurt.

Made with real ingredients of the highest quality. We ferment organic young coconut water and meat with 100 billion vegan probiotics. Yoggu is a raw, vegan, organic, probiotic rich yogurt without any added sugar, fillers or preservatives made locally in Vancouver, BC.



 Amai Vegan Treats

Jillian Aiken, a food lover who has been lactose intolerant for 10 years, began Amai Vegan Treats as a passion project while finishing her teaching degree. She would make these treats for friends' birthdays and special events for those who could not eat dairy or animal products. As a consumer, she realized that there are not many choices for people who have a variety of food allergies/intolerances or who would prefer to eat dairy/gluten/soy-free.  Through this realization, she has put her teaching career on hold and  is now committed to creating a gourmet line of sweet treats that are 100% cruelty, dairy, gluten, soy, and refined sugar free.