Roasted Kenyan AA-MEDIUM ROAST-340g

Roasted Kenyan AA-MEDIUM ROAST-340g

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Kenyan AA produced one of the best cups of coffee we have tasted here. It was one of those moments that we will remember for a long time....the taste was phenomenal and we couldn't wait to roast up another batch. If you really like Colombian or Guatemalan beans, you will love the Kenyan.  The beans roasted to a beautiful golden brown, unlike most other beans we have roasted.  This one is worth the money and you won't be disappointed!

Kenya uses a grading system for all of its exported coffee.  It uses a combination of bean size and quality.  AA is the more common grade for the larger screen sizes, above screen size 18.  This is one of the best grades from Kenya.  

Kenya consistently produces extremely high-quality coffees from a variety of sources.

Cupping Notes*: Renowned for their bright, complex berry/fruit qualities as well as their sweetness and intense acidity.