Organic Ethiopian Limmu-Natural-NEW ARRIVAL!

Organic Ethiopian Limmu-Natural-NEW ARRIVAL!

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While not as well-known as Sidamo or Yirgacheffe, Limu still produces some astonishing coffees.  This region's producers are mostly smallholders but there are larger farms as well.

Recently, a customer of ours wanted Yirgacheffe but we were out so we suggested the LImu.  He bought a few pounds to try and emailed me back to tell me that he likes it even better in his Espresso Blend than the Yirgacheffe.  Give it a try. It's quite fruity and delicious, really nice in a blend if you want some fruity notes with a deeper chocolate cup.

Altitude:  1,400-2,200m 

Harvest:  November-January

Varieties: Heirloom varieties

Cupping Notes

Caramel, strawberry, chocolate, blueberry, sweet

Coffee Details


Harvest Year 2016-17
Crop Current
Continental Region Africa
Country Ethiopia
Region Limmu
Sub Region Oromia
Process Natural
Grade Grade 3
Varietal Ethiopia Heirloom
Certification Organic
Elevation 1850-2000 M
Drying Method Sundried
Farm Burka Gudina Estate